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FBG Interrogator

FBG Interrogator

FBG(Fiber bragg grating)
FBG Interrogator
FBG Interrogator Specification

Fiberer - Company  Profile-2010

 (up to wavelength bandwidth)-4/8/16/32 (up to channels)-1/0 (1:with build-in Industrial Personal Computer, IPC, 0: without IPC) FBG wavelength interrogator base on build-in industrial personal computer which adopt an impact ARM platform, and it can be used in static and high speed dynamic measurement.

The device can output early warning signal of fire disaster including rise and fixed temperature alarm, and it also can be connected on fire services installation. Through the open software interface platform, it can be flexible integrated and re-developed. It is suitable for electrical, petrolic, constructional and coal-mining applications.

 FBG interrogator

Technical Specification
Main Parameter Optical channel 4/8/16/32
Wavelength range 40nm/80nm
Nmbers of sensors in each channel 18/38(According to different wavelength bandwidth)
Scan duration


Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength resolution 1pm
Measurement Precision Temperature resolution :  0.1 ; accuracy : 0.5
Strain resolution : 1̦ ; accuracy : 4̦
Displacement resolution : 0.04mm ; accuracy : 0.5%FS~1%FS
Electric Parameter Operating voltage AC220V 10% ; Power frequency
Data interface USB RS232/RS485LANCOM
build-in IPC Customize
Alarm pattern Rise and fixed temperature composite
Alarm output 32 channels temperature alarm signal applied, can be expanded according to demand
Mechanical Parameter Weight 8Kg
Dimension 2U/3U Case
Environment Parameter Operating environment -10 ~ 40 ; 0 ~ 80%
Storage environment -20 ~ 80 ; 0 ~ 95%

** If you are agent / OEM / middle trade, please copy the specification into word document from our website ,then send it to your clients.

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FBG Interrogator

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