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Optical Coupler Manufacture System

Optical Coupler Manufacture System

Fiber Tools/OTDR/Splicer/Cleaver
Coupler Manufacture System 2010
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Optical Coupler Manufacture System Specification

Fiberer - Company  Profile-2010

Optical Coupler Manufacture System

Pulls - Awl Machine

●Produces can be high, the reliability is high.
High accuracy, wide range, multi-wave length online survey.
Real-time monitoring. nm level micro step segmentation actuation.
Precise machinery, ultra steady movement. shock absorption, aseismatic design.
The modulation design, easy to maintain and the promotion.
The stray losses are low, the product uniformity is good.
Based on the Windows software package, the contact surface is friendly, the ease of operation, the function is formidable.
Flexibility manufacture.
The use hydrogen has the installment, ceases the safe hidden danger.




Standard Coupler
Wide-band Coupler
WDM Coupler
Special Coupler

Product Specifications

Movement Resolution Of Fiber Chucks


Pulling speed(one side)


Stroke Length Of Fiber Chucks




Movement Resolution Of Torch Unit

3 axes 1.5mm/step

Hydrogen Flow Control

0-300 sccm

Pre-Package Unit


Curing Temperature Of Pre-Package Unit

Continuous Adyustment

Photo Detectors

φ2mm InGaAs

WaveLength Range


Power Meter Range

+3dBm - -70dBm

Power Meter Accuracy


Power Meter linearity

±0.02dB(+3dBm - -60dBm)

Elecrical and Mechanical Specifications



Voltage Supply

110VAC or 220 VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption



Assembly within 1 set main body;   2 sets BFA Bare Fiber Adapter;   1 set computer;   1 set twin channel flowmeter(inside);   2 sets DS-300 laser source;   1 set function software;    1 pc operation instruction manual;   1 pc vacuum air pump;   1 pc head;   1 pc flame lighter;   1 pc finger gauge;   1 pc power cord;    1 pc withdrawal tool;   1 pc optical fiber written cutting knife;    1 pc optical fiber stripper;    1 pc alcohol bottle;   1 set vacuum tube and enclosure and installation fee.


** If you are agent / OEM / middle trade, please copy the specification into word document from our website ,then send it to your clients.

Quality Ensure:    Any not satisfy, return 100% payment    Clients Remark
(Fiberer ensure the quality of the products for 10 years , any problem of them, Fiberer must send new ones to change it ,and not need clients any shipment charge.the term is signed on order and invoice,match safety of international business law. )

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Optical Coupler Manufacture System

PM Circulator,PM Optical Coupler/Splitter,PM isolator,FBG sensor

Professional Fiber Optic Technology
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