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Polarization Maintaining( PM ) Fiber (1310nm 1550nm 980nm)

Special Fiber Cables

Fiber Cables
Special Fiber Cables
Polarization Maintaining( PM ) Fiber (1310nm 1550nm 980nm) Specification

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Special Tactical Cables are inculed High Strength Bneding Insensitive Single-mode Fibre,High Temperature Fibre,Polarization Maintaining( PM ) Fibre,etd.

Optical Fiber Cable Workshop Pictures:


Field Tactical Cables

Extremely strong construction, polyester elastomer tight buffer fiber strengthened by aramid yarn, and protected by a PU outer jacket.
□   Extremely strong, high performance.
□   SZ stranded cable core for high mechanical and transmission performance.
□   Small form factor, round construction for ease of transportation and deployment.
□   Flame retardant PU, Polyester elastomer or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) is available as jacket
□   Φ900 um polyester elastomer or PVC tight buffer fiber.
□   Color coding complied with TIA/EIA-598-B.
   Ideal for use in military data communications in the wild.
□   Ideal for use in repeated deployment/retrieval applications like video field pickup, oil exploration.
□   Can be used outdoors on the ground in all terrain, including severe environments.
Mechanical Specifications
Fiber Count Diameter
Tensile Load(N) Crush Resistant
Minimum Bend Radius
2 5.0 23 1300 1000 50
4 5.0 23 1300 1000 50
6 5.5 28 1500 1100 55

Download Special Fiber Cables Specification

** If you are agent / OEM / middle trade, please copy the specification into word document from our website ,then send it to your clients.

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Polarization Maintaining( PM ) Fiber (1310nm 1550nm 980nm)

PM Circulator,PM Optical Coupler/Splitter,PM isolator,FBG sensor

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