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Fiber Optical splitter

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1. Fiber Optical Passive Devices Application
Optical passive devices is an important part of the optical fiber communication device, is also an indispensable components of other fiber optic applications, which is with high return loss, low insertion loss, high reliability, stability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy to operate and so on. Therefore, it has been widely used in long-distance communication, LAN and fiber-to-the-home, video transmission, fiber optic sense measured etcThis content come from: www.fiberer.com technology engineers group.
Principle of Application
Optical passive device is an important part of the fiber optic communication device. It is an optical component, its process principle is compliance with the basic law of optics and light theory and electromagnetic theory, the technical indicators, a variety of formulas and testing methods, it is also closely related to the fiber optics and integrated optics. Therefore, it is essentially different from electric passive components. On the fiber optic cable TV, the optical passive devices serve as a connection, distribution, isolation, filtering and other effects. In fact, there are many optical passive devices, as the limited space, here only talking about several commonly used - optical devices such as optical splitter, optical attenuator, optical isolators, connectors, jumper, optical switch, WDM, optical connector boxes, optical wiring boxes, optical terminal boxes.

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    Fiber Optical splitter

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