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ASE light source

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(amplified spontaneous emission) ASE light source is designed for production and laboratory test. (this come from: www.fiberer.com technology engineers group), The light source body portion is pumped laser gained medium erbium-doped optical fiber and high performance. Unique ATC and APC circuit ensure the stability of the output power by controlling the output of the pump laser. The output power can be adjusted within a certain range by adjusting the APC. It is with simple and intelligent operation and with remote control.
Features of ASE Light Source
Technical Indicators of ASE Light Source
Application of the ASE Light Source
Features of ASE Light Source
1. A variety of specifications to choose;
2. Excellent wavelength stability;
3. Low spectral ripple (0.5 dB);
4. High output power (max. 20mW);
5. Microprocessor-based smart control (optional);
6. The internal state of real-time monitoring parameters (optional);
7. Excellent optical power stability (OxxM type);
8 Compact structure size (100 x 80 x 24 mm);
9. Low polarization output (OxxM,-LP-DOP 2%);
Technical Indicators of ASE Light Source
Application of the ASE Light Source
1. Optical fiber sensing system
2. Optical fiber device test
5. EDFA test and production
6. Passive device test and production
7. WDM test
8. Laboratory Testing

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    ASE light source

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