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 Product >> DFB Light Source >> 1060nm DFB Light Source
light source (1060nm 1270nm 1310nm 1480nm)

light source (1060nm 1270nm 1310nm 1480nm)

DFB Light Source

light source (1060nm 1270nm 1310nm 1480nm)

Fiberer Rohs

1060m DFB Light source1060nm DFB Light Source

1x4 Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Interrogator
4 Channels Desk-top VOA and 940nm DFB Light Source
light source (1060nm 1270nm 1310nm 1480nm)
1060 980/976nm DFB Light Source, central wavelength 976nm, Spectral width (FWHM) ≤ 1 MHz, Output power 300~500mW. OEM model is well available on customer’s special request.
Optical fiber component manufacture & test
Optical communication system test
High stable output power
Narrow spectrum, single longitudinal mode output

Central wavelength (nm)
976 980 1060
Spectral width (FWHM)
≤ 1 MHz
Output power (mW)
Output power short-term stability (dB)
≤±0.005dB/15 min
Output power long-term stability (dB)
≤±0.01dB/8 hour
Operating mode
CW, Internal modulate, external modulate
Pigtail fiber
HI1060 or PM Fiber
Output connector
FC/PC, FC/UPC or FC/APC, etc
Operating temperature (℃)
0 ~ 40
Storage temperature (℃)
-20 ~ 70
Power supply
+5V DC; >500mA; △V<1%(Module); AC 110/220V±10%, 50Hz, 20W(Desk-top)
Dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
90×70×19 or 100×80×30(Module), or 320×220×90(Desk-top)

Remark: Stability is tested at room temperature 25±2℃ after pre-heating 30 minutes.
               1. Test condition: fixed temperature, CW.
               2. Test condition: temperature variation ±2℃, CW.
Typical Spectrum

light source (1060nm 1270nm 1310nm 1480nm)

Ordering Information:

Package Type
Operating Wavelength
Output Power
LCD Display
Power Adjustable
Fiber Type
1U=1U Rack
960=960nm 976=976nm
1060=1060nm  etc
1=1mW   10=10mW      50=50mW
S=SM Fiber
P=PM Fiber
M=MM Fiber

Note: LCD display is to display the light source’s working wavelength and output power.


Packaging & Labeling
To protect each of product, Fiberer will use firm and secure Package, and common use Fiberer Label if customer not remark.
It is available to use custmized labeling and packaging for customer request.

All shipment will be succssful to arrive customer's address. Fiberer try our best to let the shipment fast for customers, and the common express is by air of Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS and TNT.
If the customer pay Fiberer the shipment charge, it will use Fiberer express account for the shipment, otherwise it need to use the customer's express account.

Customized & OEM
Fiberer always do Customized for customer's request successfully, It is available for Customized & OEM.

Quality Assurance:     assure 100% best quality
(Fiberer assure 100% best quality.the term will be signed on order and invoice,match the safety of international business law.)    Customer Reviews

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