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Narrow Linewidth Light Source

Narrow Linewidth Light Source

Active Components/Laser/Source
Light Source
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Narrow Linewidth Light Source Specification

Fiberer - Company  Profile-2010


Optical fiber sensing
Optical fiber passive component spectrum testing
Optical fiber measurement equipments
High output power
High stability


 DFB Laser

Central wavelength (nm)

 1527~1570(100GHz ITU Grid)

 spectrum width (Hz)





Output power (mw)


 Optical Isolator(dB)


Side mode Supression Ratio CW(dB)


  Short term stability1 (dB)

 ≤±0.005dB/5 min

 Long term stability2 (dB)

 ≤±0.01dB/8 hour

 Fiber pigtail

 SM-28 Fiber or PM Fiber

 Output connector


 Operating temperature (℃)


 Storage temperature (℃)


 Power supply

 AC110/220V±10%, 50Hz, 20W

 Dimensions (L×W×H mm)

 320×220×90 or 90×70×18

RemarkStability is tested at room temperature 25±2 after pre-heating 30 minutes.
    1.  Test condition: fixed temperature, CW.
    2.  Test condition: temperature variation ±2℃, CW.  

Installation of Module

Definition of Connector

Oedering inforation




 Operating Wavelength

 Ouput Power (dBm)



 N=Narrow linewidth


 34=1550.13  ITU

 00=0dBm           10=10dBm

 FC/APC       SC/APC      LC/APC      etc

** If you are agent / OEM / middle trade, please copy the specification into word document from our website ,then send it to your clients.

Quality Ensure:    Any not satisfy, return 100% payment    Clients Remark
(Fiberer ensure the quality of the products for 10 years , any problem of them, Fiberer must send new ones to change it ,and not need clients any shipment charge.the term is signed on order and invoice,match safety of international business law. )

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Narrow Linewidth Light Source

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