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Optical Isolator - Single/Dual Stage

1480nm Dual Stage Isolator

Fiber Optical Isolators
1480nm Dual Stage Isolator
Optical Isolator - Single/Dual Stage Specification

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Features Applications
  • High Isolation
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Return Loss
  • Low Polarization Sensitivity
  • Optical Path Epoxy Free
  • Fiberoptic Amplifiers
  • CATV Fiberoptic Links
  • Fiberoptic Systems Testing
  • Fiberoptic LAN Systems
  • Telecommunications

  Dual Stage Optical Isolator

1480nm Dual stage optical isolator   low insertion loss optical isolator  


Performance Specifications

IU Type Premium A Grade

Operating Wavelength (nm)


Typical Peak Isolation (dB)



Minimum Isolation * (dB)



Typical Insertion Loss** (dB)



Maximum Insertion Loss*** (dB)



Return loss (In/Out) (dB)



PDL (dB)



PMD (ps)
0.1(0.05 available upon request)

Bandwidth (nm)


Operating Temperature (° C)

-20 to +70

Storage Temperature (° C)

-40 to +85

Fiber Type

Corning SMF-28

Fiber Length (Min.)

1 Meter each end

Package Dimension (mm)


Power Handling (mW)



* At 23° C over bandwidth
** Does not include connector, splice and fiber-end fresnel losses
*** Including PDL, center wavelength + 20 nm, -20 to + 70° C


Ordering Information

Isolator Type
Pigtail Style
Fiber Length
In/Out Connector
IU=Dual stage
A= A Grade
1=Bare Fiber
2=900um Jacket
4=Custom Length

B=Package B


Fiberer Global Tech Ltd   Fiberer Global Tech Ltd

Fiberer Global Tech Ltd   Fiberer Global Tech Ltd



Packaging & Labeling
To protect each of product, Fiberer will use firm and secure Package, and common use Fiberer Label if customer not remark.
It is available to use custmized labeling and packaging for customer request.

All shipment will be succssful to arrive customer's address. Fiberer try our best to let the shipment fast for customers, and the common express is by air of Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS and TNT.
If the customer pay Fiberer the shipment charge, it will use Fiberer express account for the shipment, otherwise it need to use the customer's express account.

Customized & OEM
Fiberer always do Customized for customer's request successfully, It is available for Customized & OEM.

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 Optical Isolator - Single/Dual Stage   (173 pcs are paid)

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Isolator 1480nm Dual Stage
Weight: 0.3 kg/pcs
Delivery: within 2 weeks

Pigtail Style:

Fiber Type:

Fiber Length:

InOut Connector:
Part Number (P/N) and Remark

100 pcs, Apply for VIP
10 pcs, USD 35/pcs.
1 pcs, USD 37/pcs.
FOB ShenZhen

mini Isolator 1480nm Dual Stage F3.0x25
Weight: 0.3 kg/pcs
Delivery: within 2 weeks

Pigtail Style:

Fiber Type:

Fiber Length:

InOut Connector:
Part Number (P/N) and Remark

100 pcs, Apply for VIP
10 pcs, USD 37/pcs.
1 pcs, USD 39/pcs.
FOB ShenZhen

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Optical Isolator - Single/Dual Stage

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