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OLT / ONU for FTTH (1310nm 1490nm 1550nm)



OLT / ONU for FTTH (1310nm 1490nm 1550nm)

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Fiberer Rohs

F110 GEPON System Deployed Drawing:


Fiberer-F110T/ Fiberer-F010U(ONU) / Fiberer-F011U(ONU) GEPON system is the latest smart GEPON Equipment, which is a telecom grade FTTH broadband access equipment mainly for telecom Operator and Large Group users with the characteristic of high integration, flexible application , high stableness, easy management, flexible extend and buildup the network, as well as providing QoS function. Fiberers GEPON Equipment is with the latest standard of GEPON System based on IEEE802.3ah. The fiber link speed can reach up to 1.25Gb/s and each EPON OLT system can distribute into 32 remote ONUs to build up the fiber passive network by a max 32 way optical splitter with the advantage of big capacity of transmission, high security, flexibility of buildup network, economization the resource of fiber, mainly applies for FTTH projects,
which can access to IP telephone, Broadband data and IPTV.

.Standard Protocol Fully complies with IEEE 802.3ah IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u  IEEE 802.3x IEEE 802.3z IEEE 802.1d IEEE 802.1p IEEE 802.1q IEEE   802.1x RFC1155 RFC1157 RFC1112 RFC1113 etc.

.Nota Switch Capacity 16G

.Bandwidth adjustment pace length 1Kbps Support 4K VLAN base on 802.1q, also can   support up to 8K MAC address


OLT Fiberer-F410T

 F410T is a new generation of small type GEPON Equipment. Which is a telecom grade FTTH broadband access equpment who provide for Telecom Operator. Comparing with common EPON products. It can supply higher bandwidth speed and connect more end-users, final to reduce operating investment cost effectively.
F410T is operators last mile of ideal FTTH solution with high integration, flexible application, high stableness, easy management, flexible to extend and buildup network, as well as providing QoS function.
F410T comply with newest EPON system standard base on IEEE802.3ah. The fiber link up and down speed can reach to 1.25Gb/s. Each PON OLT system can distribute into 32 remote ONUs to build up the fiber passive network by a max 32 way optical splitter with the advantage of big capacity of transmission, high security, flexibility of buildup network, economization the resource of fiber and to reduce related devices quantity.
F410T is a high performance device, through FTTH/FTTB/FTTC fiber optical network to provide transmission service for such like family users, enterprise users etc where max bandwidth can reach to 1Gbps. Meanwhile, by natural advantage of PON system, Operator can economic save cost on construction and using fiber cable, it can easily access to high speed of Broadband data, IP telephone, and IPTV.
  This system combine with OLT(Optical Line Terminal), ONU(Optical Network Unit) and Splitter, OLT have 4 uplink port which connect IP network, meanwhile it have 4 EPON downlink port, each port can support 1: 32 splitter through single fiber cable. So one OLT device can support 128 ONU end-user within transmission distance of 20 kilometers.
Key features
1Box syle structure, 1U height, simple&flexible install and maintenance
2Complies with IEEE802.3ah standard
3High splitter ratio, high fiber using
4Allow Exchange ability
5ACL-access control list
6DBA-dynamic bandwidth arranagement
7IP ToSIEEE802.1p
8QoS support: IP ToS, IEEE802.1p
9ONU auto-identify
10Flexible QinQ
11Port Mirror
12Frame filtering, broadcast/ Unknow unicast/ Unknow multicast policing
13Support MAC address restriction
14AES-128 encrpytion tachniques
15Support IGMP Snooping
16Support TCP/IP, ARP, IGMP protocol
17Powerful OAM function
18Support IEEE802.1x
19GUI interface, support band-in / band-out management
Hardware character
440mm (W) x 207mm (D) x 43mm (H)
Power Consumption(MAX)
Operating Temperature050
Storage Temperature-3060
Relative humidity1090% (No agulation)
Power Supply
Power Supply AC
port character
Console port
1  RS232C DB-9
LAN portout of band management port
2  RJ45 10/100Base-T
Uplink interface
4  GE port SFP connector both optical or electricity are ok
Singlemode or Multimode Fiber
LC Connector
PON  port
4  1000M Port
Standard Protocal
 Singlemode Fiber
SC  Connector
Max splitter ratio of each PON port
Speed ratio
symmetry 1.25 Gbps
estimated Optical Loss
28 dB
transmit: 1490 nm
Receive: 1310 nm
 Super character
Exchange function
non-stop line speed switch ability
8KMAC address table
Support 512 Multicast Entry
Support IGMP Snooping
Support 4094 VLAN802.1Q
IEEE802.adUp to 4 Uplink GE port  aggregate
support base on input outputs port mirror
8 CoS alignment/ONU  user
IEEE 802.1q&p
traffic shaping
DBA dynamic bandwidth Allocation

AES-128  encrpytion tachniques
User Authentication management
IEEE 802.1x Authentication
System management
support band-in & band-out mangement
ONU  Auto-Identity
Power management
Power Supply AC


OLT Fiberer-F110T


Packing Dimension(mm):440*210*45

Type Specification Remark
Connect Port RS-232 Control Port To Connect PC
Craft Port To Connect PC
EPON SC Port EPON Fiber Port
RJ-45 100/1000M Ethernet To Connect Router / Switch
1000Base-X Fiber Port To Connect Router / Switch
Management Function SNMP  
Power Supply AC input 100~240V  
Working Environment 0 ~60 Operating tempreture
5%~95% No coagulation Relative humidity
Max Transmission Distance 20KM  
Max Transmission Speed 25G / 2.5G  
Installing place Control Centre  




Support single fiber WDM technology (downstream 1490mm, upstream 1310mm), only need to link  with OLT together by one fiber, the transfer lengths at least 20Km.
Bandwidth distribution has flexible, downstream share bandwidth by adapting encrypt broadcast transfer way for different user. .Upstream share bandwidth by TDMA . Adjust automatically speed rate according to the line status. Support minimum speed rate adjustment base on 1kbps, and establish firm basic to fractionize business for telecommunication dealer.
Support generally team broadcast function. User can choose to achieve mutual video multimedia business by themselves name (such as VOD, Video conference)
Bind user, MAC address and IP address together in order to prevent account was embezzled hostility, ramble, virus spread abroad and attack of hostility data stream., so that can provide perfect safety guarantee measure for user.
Support multi LLID and single LLID configuration mean. Different user and business can adapt different LLID access. Guarantee users different OOS grade.
Installation and maintenance are very easy. Support differed local/long-distance and many means to manage configuration and upgrade of software. Work in partial port OLT. It can make long-distance malfunction diagnosis and orientation function come true, and greatly reduces maintenance workload.
Network connects: Provide high speed date business for user.
FTTH connects: Provide high speed date business a
FTTB connects: adapt the mean of fiber to corridor or big corridor to provide high speed data business.
Technology guide line:
Standard :IEEE 802.3ahIEEE 802.3IEEE 802.3uIEEE 802.3xIEEE 802.3z IEEE802.1dIEEE 802.1pIEEE 802.1qIEEE 802.1xRFC1155RFC1157RFC1112RFC1113 and so on.
1  10/100M BASE-TX Port
1  10/100/1000M BASE-TX Port
1  EPON SC Port
1  RS232 Port
Physics feature
Physics dimension (162 x 117 x 30, unit: mm)
Power supplyDC 5V
Function loss5W
Operating temperature045
Storage temperature-3060
Relative humidity5%90% (non-condensation)

Type Specification Remark
Connect Port RS-232 Control Port To Connect PC
EPON SC Port EPON Fiber Port
RJ-45 10/100M Ethernet To Connect Router / Switch
RJ-45 10/100M/1000 Ethernet To Connect Router / Switch
Power Supply AC input 5V/2A  
Working Environment 0 ~60 Operating tempreture
5%~95% No coagulation Relative humidity
Max Transmission Distance 20KM  
Max Transmission Speed 25G / 2.5G  
Installing place At user site  

Download product datasheet

Download OLT  User Manual

Download ONU User Manual

OLT / ONU for Gepon     OLT / ONU for FTTH     OLT / ONU for FTTB     OLT / ONU for FTTC    FTTX(FTTP,FTTH,FTTN,FTTC)


Packaging & Labeling
To protect each of product, Fiberer will use firm and secure Package, and common use Fiberer Label if customer not remark.
It is available to use custmized labeling and packaging for customer request.

All shipment will be succssful to arrive customer's address. Fiberer try our best to let the shipment fast for customers, and the common express is by air of Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS and TNT.
If the customer pay Fiberer the shipment charge, it will use Fiberer express account for the shipment, otherwise it need to use the customer's express account.

Customized & OEM
Fiberer always do Customized for customer's request successfully, It is available for Customized & OEM.

Quality Assurance:  assure 100% best quality.
(Fiberer assure 100% best quality.the term will be signed on order and invoice,match the safety of international business law.)    Customer Reviews

(463 pcs purchased)
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